Wickr-Top Secret Messenger


A secure and totally private messaging system


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Wickr-Top Secret Messenger is an IM tool that lets you communicate with any other app user in a completely secure way, using messages that disappear without leaving a trace.

The main advantage of Wickr-Top Secret Messenger over other messaging apps is that it guarantees total security, privacy, and control over what you send. You can set your messages (or files) to delete themselves as soon as they are read by the recipient, and it will happen automatically.

To further protect your privacy, Wickr-Top Secret Messenger requires no registration information. You only have to choose the ID you want and set up a password. You'd better not forget your log-in information, though, because Wickr-Top Secret Messenger cannot recover the password, no matter what.

Wickr-Top Secret Messenger is a very useful alternative messaging app for users who want complete and total privacy when sending messages. All your messages will disappear instantly and forever once read by the recipient.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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