Live your adventures in nature with this GPS with routes and maps


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ViewRanger is an app geared specifically toward anyone who loves hiking and the outdoors. It lets you discover new routes, share adventures and experiences with other users of the app, and even access useful content like topographic maps.

From the main screen you can quickly access tons of different routes posted by guides, tourism agencies, and sports brands, as well as users and community members. Also, logically, you can create your own guides, too.

One really interesting feature in ViewRanger is that it lets you know how long it will take to reach the next check point or until the end of the route. Plus, with the help of the GPS on your device, you can get valuable information like the altitude of an exact location.

The coolest feature you'll find in View Ranger, however, is that it lets you record your route. You can follow it on the map, add photos, note statistics for the journey like the distance or altitude, and share it with all your friends.

ViewRanger is an interesting app for anyone who loves the outdoors. With it, you always have a little helper and a great companion with you on your smartphone.
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