Ultimate Fishing Simulator


The most realistic fishing game


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Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a game that lets you experience this classic pastime in the most authentic way possible. This video game strays away from the arcade style that other similar games offer to make sure you experience what fishing is really like.

The game includes 12 different locations where you can fish. Another great aspect is that you move around the set with total freedom, although the action will always happen near the water. Depending on your location, choose the appropriate bait and throw the hook.

Constantly using the reel is a must in order to attract the fish to your bait. If you're lucky, all you need to do is throw the hook and you'll catch fish in no time. Ultimate Fishing Simulator includes a bunch of different fish as well as a wide range of fishing gear.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator raises the bar for fishing video games because of the incredibly realistic experience it offers. The best part is that you don't just get to fish on your own, you can also participate in different competitions.
By Beatriz

Android 4.4 or greater is required.