Have fun creating the greatest sushi dishes


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TO-FU Oh!SUSHI is an educational game that lets you create all kinds of sushi dishes with the various ingredients available to you.

Your mission is to conquer the stomachs of the inhabitants of Tofu Island and keep them coming back for more of your delicious culinary creations. You will have to cater to their tastes and create different sushi dishes by tapping on the screen to combine various ingredients. Of course, you have the freedom to make the dishes as you see fit.

As there are no fixed rules in TO-FU Oh!SUSHI, the combinations can end up including chocolate nigiri or a salmon and popcorn seaweed roll. This game really lives up to its position in the Toca Kitchen Line - let your creativity run free and create the most unlikely dishes.

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI is a game as simple as it is fun, so it's perfect for children and adults alike. It'll be hard to decide which is more fun - cooking up the wacky concoctions, or watching your customers react to your bizarre creations. And remember not to add too much wasabi!

Requires Android 4.4 or higher