Run and Gun: Banditos


Run nonstop as you shoot at your enemies


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Run and Gun: Banditos is an endless runner where you have to run nonstop, avoid obstacles ... and shoot at all the enemies that appear on your screen. If you're not fast enough, then they'll kill you before you kill them.

The gameplay in Run and Gun: Banditos is very similar to other endless runners (where you slide your finger from one side to the other to move) but with a subtle difference: when you tap on the screen, you'll fire your pistol. You'll have to get rid of all the enemies that appear, and if you don't do it quickly enough, then they'll get rid of you.

With the money you earn as you play, you can unlock all kinds of improvements. You can also recruit new bandits to join your crew in the wild west. But to do anything, you'll have to earn money first.

Run and Gun: Banditos is an original endless runner with great graphics, a fun setting, and a perfect gameplay for touchscreen devices.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher