Pastry Pop Blast - Bubble Shooter


Refine your marksmanship to cook delicious cakes


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Pastry Pop Blast - Bubble Shooter is a game of skill where you have to help Kate make better pies by collecting the best products hidden inside colorful balls. This action-filled bubble shooter tests your precision and aim in rounds that are as fun as they are exciting.

In this adventure you not only have to help Kate cook the best pies but also defeat her evil enemy Vincent, a chef who wants to steal the throne as best pie maker. As in other bubble shooters you'll need to shoot the colorful balls to eliminate them from the screen. All you have to do is put together three or more balls of the same color, but on the condition that you can get your shot to the exact right spot.

To help you shoot with precision you've got a trajectory line that moves as you aim. Thank to that you'll know at all times where your shot will land and what obstacles it could hit along the way. On the other hand, your mission is not just to pop bubbles but also unlock the pies stuck inside them. Up top you can see how many pies you still need to get.

Push ahead through the levels putting your skill and marksmanship to the test and discover a large number of power-ups and characters that let you enjoy Pastry Pop Blast - Bubble Shooter in an original and fun way.