Music Player 2019


Simple and useful music player


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Music Player 2019 is an app that you can use to listen to all the music stored in your Android's memory. It is important that you keep in mind that you CAN'T use Music Player 2019 to download music though. You can only listen to your previously downloaded audio files.

When you enter Music Player 2019 for the first time, the app will analyze your smartphone's memory and show you all the audio files available. That way, you can quickly view all the songs, and the best part is that they're divided by album or artist. You can also create your own folders and customized playlists.

Among the most interesting features that Music Player 2019 offers is that it automatically synchronizes with Last.FM in order to get the covers of the albums that are missing in your collection and the pictures of the artists. Yet another interesting feature is that you can set any of the songs as a ringtone.

Music Player 2019 is a simple, light and useful music player for Android that you can use to listen to all the music that's already stored in your smartphone.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.