The official McDonald's app to order food from your smartphone


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Having a list of your favorite McDonald's food is as easy as opening the official app, looking for whatever looks good to you at that moment and clicking on the button to place your order. In a matter of minutes, you can collect your food at the window (which you’ve already paid for ) and enjoy it whenever and however you want.

This version of McDonald's is designed for all those who are going to enjoy the food in the United States, since the company has an official app in each country. You can use the app to locate all the McDonald's around you and all of them located in a specific area of the United States. Having the exact location helps you figure out where you can get you favorite food, even if you’re visiting a new city. Another great advantage of the app is that each product includes a nutritional table that helps you choose correctly, in case you have a food allergy.

In order to place your order you have to pick the McDonald's location where you’d like to collect your food. Once you’ve done that, choose your order. The app is perfectly structured so you can find whatever you’re looking for without having to waste your time; quick and simple. If you have favorites and you have a regular order, you can add those items to your favorites so you can find them even quicker.

Last but not least, the McDonald's app includes deals and discounts that you can use directly on your smartphone. Use the customized coupons or the QR codes in order to eat everything you want and save money while at it.
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