Marble Woka Woka Zuma


Destroy the colored marbles in this puzzle game


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Marble Woka Woka Zuma is a skill-based game based on the classic Zuma that came out over a decade ago. Just like in the original, your goal is to match like-colored balls to get rid of them and clear the trail completely.

If you've ever played the original Zuma, then you won't have a problem getting the hang of Marble Woka Woka Zuma, since the gameplay is exactly the same. If you've never played before, then you need to learn the basic gameplay: you have a track where you see a series of random colored balls and in the center, you have a ball thrower. Your goal is to destroy all the balls around you by matching three of more of the same color.

To complete the levels, you have to eliminate each and every one of the pieces on the board. To do this, you have to make sure you aim well and send your ball to the exact place you need it to land. The difficulty lies in the fact that the balls come at you nonstop and if they reach you, then the game's over. Marble Woka Woka Zuma also offers different game modes like master mode, where you have to have to clear the path with completely invisible balls. Put your skills to the test and get rid of as many marbles as you can.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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