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Hushed - Anonymous Calls, SMS is an interesting tool that allows you to 'buy' anonymous telephone numbers to use as facades for your own calls. Why you would want to do something like that is a question that only the app's users know the answer to.

Hushed's service includes voicemail and numbers that last anywhere from thirty to ninety days. You can choose to destroy a number at any time, or prolong its life (as long as you keep paying).

It's important to note that Hushed doesn't use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) like Google Voice or Skype. What you get is more like a real telephone line, which you can use with any device that has a data plan or Internet connection, including tablets and Android smartphones.

Hushed is an odd tool, whose use seems at first to be designed for secret agents and stalkers, but hey, who knows when you'll need to make a totally anonymous call.
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