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Search for, find, and reserve a room anywhere in the world


Rate this App is an application that lets you reserve a room in more than half a million hotels in more than 200 countries all around the world. From Barcelona to Saigon or Cabo, you can reserve a hotel room in practically any part of the world.

The search feature is as powerful as it is easy to use. All you have to do is select the city where you want a hotel and you'll see the best offers available at that very moment. With the filters, you can also set the approximate location or the minimum number of stars that you want.

One of the strengths of, in any case, is the offer of the day, which lets you book a hotel room at an excellent price for that same night. Risky? Yes. But is it worth it? Definitely. is a good application for finding inexpensive and interesting hotel rooms anywhere in the world. It's useful no matter whether you're looking for a hotel room at the last minute or a 5-star room in the center of the city.
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