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Fast Cleaner - Optimiser is a complete and efficient tool to get rid of various unneeded registries from your Android. This can considerably speed up your device and let you enjoy a much faster user experience.

Once of the strengths in Fast Cleaner - Optimiser is its interface. A simple glance shows all the features this tool offers. You can free up memory, get rid of junk files, or cool down the hardware.

To run any of these processes just go into the corresponding section and tap. Note that from the main menu you can check out important details like the percentage of memory and storage used. This gives you an idea of which optimization process your device needs most.

Fast Cleaner - Optimiser is an interesting app to power up your device in a short time. Free up memory, deleted unused files, and cool down your device to take it back to its former speed and ease of use.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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