Block Puzzle




A tangram-inspired puzzle with more than 5,000 levels


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Block Puzzle is a puzzle game where you have to arrange a series of colored blocks to fit inside a square or rectangle. There are more than 5,000 different levels for you to try to put all the blocks together.

The gameplay in Block Puzzle is really simple. In each level, you're given a group of Tetris-like pieces that need to fit perfectly inside a rectangle, without leaving any empty spaces. Some levels are easy to figure out ... others, not so much.

Besides the normal game mode, where you can solve the puzzles at your own pace, there's also a 'Time Attack' game mode. In this mode, you have to solve all the puzzles before the time runs out.

Block Puzzle is a simple and fun puzzle game. It stands out especially for the huge number of levels it offers.
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