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AdWords Express is the official app from Google for creating ads in less than fifteen minutes. It's important to note that your AdWords account will not work in AdWords Express, so you'll have to create another one, though it's very quick.

The main objective of AdWords Express is to help you create ads for your website quickly and easily, such that in less than half an hour they're already online. The procedure for this is simple: you choose the language and countries in which you wish to advertise, choose the type of product, and then create the ads.

When creating the ad, you just need to write a 'headline' and two small lines of text which will take up the bulk of your advertising space. That done, you'll choose how much money you want to invest in the campaign and then pay. As soon as you pay, your ads will be ready for other users to see online.

Adwords Express is an easy marketing tool to use, thanks to which you can advertise your website in a convenient, simple, and possibly very effective way.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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